Monday, 17 September 2012

Week 3

Mon – my rest day, wasn’t very prepared after being away for the weekend, but I had the berry muesli from last week’s meal plan since i had the ingredients for that, then made up a mountain bread wrap for lunch which included turkey breast, baby spinach, beetroot, hummus and a slice of low fat cheese, also wasn’t prepared for dinner but had a piece of moussaka in the freezer (out of one of Michelle Bridges recipe books) so I had that with a slice of burgen bread!
Tue – had one little treat – and i had to take a photo and post it as they are so cute. A friend from work made a batch for her daughter’s birthday party and brought one in for me to try!
Wednesday...the dreaded weigh in day! 1.1kg be expected really after my poor food choices over the weekend in Hobart. Not letting it get to me, will just continue on with the meal plans and exercise and work towards a much better result next Wed! Went for a 5km run on the treadmill – first run in over a month, my knee felt good so hopefully i can continue to run without it bothering me!
Thursday- out for lunch with work. Was very tempted to go for the pizza (pumpkin, rosemary, onion, goats fetta – one of the healthiest pizza’s on the menu!) but instead went for fish of the day which was a barramundi fillet, was proud of my choice and it was very delicious! I had 2 narrow pieces of white bread with beetroot dip for a ‘treat’
Friday while all the girls went out to Grill’d – my favourite burger place, I ate my vegetarian shepherds pie leftovers – and it was delicious! But the burger and hot chips also looked delicious...
Made beef with the corn avocado salsa for dinner!
Sat – was up early to run in the Tan relay with my athletics club, didn’t Run a PB but was happy with my effort since I haven’t competed in over a month or done much training. After that I went to Haigh’s (best chocolate ever!) and bought a gift for a friend, they offer free tastings but I didn’t have any, my boyfriend told me not to so I didn’t, was very glad he was strict on me, if I was on my own I don’t think I could’ve refused! Did the toning session that afternoon as I was a bit too tired after my run to do the SSS. Made the Mediterranean eggplant & zucchini pizza for dinner, followed by a sugar free hot chocolate for dessert – yum!
Sun –cooked up the scrambled eggs with garlic mushrooms & asparagus for breaky, was surprised at how big it was! So many mushrooms, was very full after eating it. Did the “SSS” skipping pyramid session down at the beach while the boy watched me and did the occasional skip himself. It took me an hour and 25 mins to get through the session, and I think I burnt around 600 calories from memory! Caught up with a couple of friends for coffee (they had a macaron each but I didn’t!) and by the time they left it was getting late and I couldn’t be bothered to cook. I bought a pumpkin soup from the supermarket (less than 100 calories for the serve) and had that with some toast! I then indulged in a couple of dark choc wallaby bites, I thought they would be a nice occasional treat to have but I ate 3, so I think I should get rid of them before I demolish the whole packet!

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